Conference Programming

Bitcoin 2020 strives to host the most important technical discussions, presentations and debates in Bitcoin this year. Our conference programming will host the people and ideas that are shaping the world's original cryptocurrency through four distinct tracks, giving attendees the chance to take part in the conversation.


location: SVN West, San Francisco
date: March 27-28, 2020

Content Tracks


The Bitcoin Ecosystem

  • Exchanges & Marketplaces
  • The Global State Of Mining
  • Wallets Today, Wallets Tomorrow
(+ custody, payments, attack vectors, lending, running your own node)

Programming Money

  • BIPs In 2020
  • Expanding Lightning Utility
  • Smart Contracts On Bitcoin
(+ schnorr / taproot / sidechains, reviewing core contributions, mining software)

The Future Economy

  • Bitcoin Is DeFi
  • Institutionalizing The Global Currency
  • A Deflationary Economy
(+ investing, machine to machine, stacking sats, bitcoin gaming)

How Bitcoin Changes Us 

  • Where In The World Is BTC Needed Most?
  • Addressing Trends In Adoption & Regulation
  • Smith, Hayek, Friedman, Nakamoto
(+ bitcoin halving, science v. social movements, gated institutional narratives, bitcoin as digital bill of rights)

Stages at Bitcoin 2020

Nakamoto Consensus Stage

The third-floor stage will host Bitcoin 2020’s opening and closing keynote sessions each day. Additionally, it will be used for video screenings, as well as various topical breakouts and roundtables.

Proof Of Work Stage

This year, our second floor will anchor a fully immersive content area which will hold each of our core programming tracks. As home to a majority of this year’s conference sessions, the layout will fade from theatre-style seating into more casual classroom seating to enable both active and passive spectators.

Permissionless Stage

Our most intimate content area is housed on the first floor with uses ranging from hands-on workshops, to community-generated presentations, to live interviews and product demonstrations.

The Presentation Pod

With so much to do and so little time, we’re enabling a closed-door video presentation pod. These sessions are meant to enable quick turnaround for sharing and to further democratize who can share thought leadership across this community.

Sound Money Stage

Our third-floor rooftop beer garden needs programming to match the energy and enthusiasm of the Bitcoiners who will populate it. Live podcast recordings, music and entertainment and some impromptu AMAs are just some of the things that will popping up on our roof.


Bitcoin 2020 Is Right Around The Corner

Tickets are $349 (save $50 when purchased with BTC)

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