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📚Bitcoin book
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🕹️ Bitcoin game
🎥 Bitcoin video
Best UX/UI 
☣️ Most TOXIC

Submission period will last until xx-xx-xx, after that we will put this up to a vote for the community. Winners will be announced at the Conferences and promoted on our social and included in the print version of bitcoin magazine?


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How does this work?

A virtual hackathon is a contest in which teams of participants develop a product for a chance to win a grand prize.

Where will winners be announced?

The Bitcoin Games consist of multiple challenges, or hacks, with distinct judging criteria, prizes and participants. As soon as registration via Devpost is live, teams will follow submission instructions to submit their projects to the corresponding hack category. Information regarding team formation will be available with registration.

What is the judging criteria?

Each hack will consist of a unique panel of judges and criteria set to evaluate project submissions. Bitcoin 2019 will be curating the selection of judges for each panel from a variety of engineers, investors and leaders from the top companies and firms within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

How will winners be announced?

There will be a dedicated session at the Bitcoin 2019 conference during which first-, second- and third-place winners will be announced. More details surrounding coordination with hackathon participants for this announcement and session date/time will be available shortly.

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