Conference Programming

Bitcoin 2019 aims to reunite a fractured BTC community around collective goals, highlighting the people and organizations bringing them into reality.

Event programming is designed to be relevant and compelling to as diverse a range of the Bitcoin community as possible, while not shying away from technical discussions as well as macro-societal trends.

Moderated by:
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Day 1

Fireside Chat | Untold Stories
Opening & Closing Keynotes
  • Martti Malmi aka Sirius
  • Charlie Shrem (Untold Stories)

Day 2

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Interactive Peer-to-Peer Stage

SVN West – 1st Lvl
presented by Bitcoin Magazine

10:05am  |  
Kiara Robles - "Bitcoin Clarity"
10:25am  |  Taylor Pearson - "Markets are Eating the World"
10:40am  |  Tom Robinson - "Illicit Use of Cryptocurrencies and the Global Regulatory Response"
10:55am  |  Alex Adelman -  "Trends at the Forefront of BTC Consumer Adoption"
11:10am  |  Warren Togami - "Nonprofit Spotlight:"
11:25am  |  Jeremy Musighi - "Bitcoin: Blueprint for a Borderless World"
11:40am  |  Cory Klippsten - "Give the Gift of Bitcoin"
11:50am  |  Mike Olthoff - "Special Announcement:"
12:00pm  |  Bitcoin Games - "Lightning Hack Winning Presentation"
12:15pm  |  
Bitcoin Games - "Liquid Hack Winning Presentation"
1:30pm    |  
Bo Song - "The Future of Cooperation Between Mining Industry and Digital Funds"
1:50pm   |  Celine Lu - "Bitdeer: The New Driving Force Behind Bitcoin"
2:00pm   |  Alex Ao - "What if China Stopped Mining"
2:10pm   |  Brendan Bernstein - "Macro Tailwinds for BTC"
2:30pm   |  Nik Bhatia - "Time Value of BTC"
2:45pm   |  Ariel Muslera - "RSK Innovation Studio and Ecosystem Fund"
3:00pm   |  Rob Odell - "Designing the 'Killer App' for Bitcoin"
3:15pm   |  Allan Stevo - "Satoshi Nakamoto Was an Austrian"
3:30pm   |  Justin Dhingra - "How We Did the First P2P Derivative Transaction with Blockstream"
3:45pm   |  Mark Erhardt - "The UTXO Set, the mempool, and you"
4:00pm   |  Tatiana Moroz Presents

10:05am  |  Nozomi Hayase - "Bitcoin, Native Currency of the Internet Restores the Law of Nature"
10:25am  |  Jan Čapek - "Establishing Open Source Firmware for Miners"
10:40am  |  Justin O'Connell - "Batching Transactions & the Folly of Ethereum"
10:55am  |  Tone Vays - "Bitcoin's Value Proposition"
11:10am  |  
Dávid Molnár - "Recent Privacy Trends & Wasabi Wallet"
11:30am  |  Stepan Snigirev - "Trustless Hardware Wallets"
11:45am  |  Scott Sigel - "Why Noncustodial Trading Will Play a Significant Role in Institutional Adoption"
12:00pm  |  Gustavo Grillasca - "ArtOlin"
12:15pm  |  Brandon Quittem - "Bitcoin Is a Decentralized Organism"
1:30pm    |  Pavan Katepalli - "Constructing a Bitcoin Transaction Using Python"
2:05pm   |  Alon Muroch - ""
2:25pm   |  Rui Gomes - "OpenNode"
2:35pm   |  Dr. Uri Klarman - "Scaling Blockchains at Layer Zero"
2:55pm   |  Max Keidun - "Special Announcement: Hodl Hodl"
3:15pm   |  Manana Samuseva, Masha Prusakova - "Women in Bitcoin"
3:40pm   |  Naomi Brockwell - "Live Quiz Show With Special Guests"

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